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New Orleans City & Plantation Tours

New Orleans neighborhoods each have their own identity. Our City and Plantation category brings tours of each New Orleans neighborhood, from the French Quarter to the Lower 9th Ward, together with plantation tours of some of the most beautiful antebellum homes. Whether you're in the mood for something exciting or something serene, our City & Plantation category is your perfect starting point. Our City & Plantation tours include:

  • City Tours: New Orleans' neighborhoods each have their own story. By taking a New Orleans city tour, you will learn what makes them unique from local historians. Neighborhoods can include the French Quarter, New Orleans' oldest and most famous neighborhood; Saint Louis cemetery, with its above-ground burial tombs; City Park, one the nation's oldest urban parks; the Garden District, the most beautiful neighborhood in New Orleans and Uptown, famous for the St. Charles Ave streetcars, stunning homes, universities and famous residents.
  • Plantation Tours: The plantations that line River Road and the areas that surround New Orleans are both exquisite and historically significant. New Orleans plantation tours may include: Houmas House, also known as \"The Sugar Palace\" where guides dress in period costumes; Oak Alley Plantation, with a quarter-mile of evenly spaced Oak trees lining the homes entrance and Laura Plantation, one of the oldest plantation homes in the Mississippi Valley.
  • Hurricane Katrina Tour: On this New Orleans tour, you will learn the history of the city and why it was built at this particular location. Then you'll see the devastation from Hurricane Katrina and understand the events that shaped New Orleans' rebirth. This tour has a perfect 5 star review. See why!

You will have a deep understanding of New Orleans by taking a city or plantation tour. From its historical and stunning plantations to its unique neighborhoods, New Orleans draws you in and doesn't let you forget it. Choose Joieful's City & Plantation category for the best New Orleans tours.