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New Experiences in New Orleans

There is so much to do in New Orleans. Actually, we like to say, There is never nothing to do. As we constantly update our New Orleans experiences, check our New category to see the latest-and-greatest New Orleans tours, attractions and things to do. Don't worry - our experiences are added after our experience experts check to make sure they meet the criteria to make them one of the best in the city.

New Orleans Tours, Attractions and Experiences can include:

  • Celebration Packages: Keife & Co., a boutique gourmet shop for wine, craft beer, spirits and artisanal food, has created packages for every celebratory moment: New Beginnings, New Opportunities, New Adventures, New Positions, etc. Each package comes with wine, champagne or spirits and specially chosen savory or sweet treats. If you need a gift your recipient will not forget or simply do not have the time to peruse Keife & Co.'s wide selection, let their connoisseurs create your package. Choose a Celebration Package for any of your New Orleans special events.
  • Riverboat Cruises: Float down the Mississippi River and see New Orleans from an entirely different perspective. You can choose a dinner cruise, where you'll eat, drink and dance aboard a 200-year-old paddleboard, while you take in New Orleans' views from the Mississippi. The riverboats each have their own jazz band, for a full New Orleans riverboat affair.
  • Food History Tours: New Orleans is a food-lovers paradise. The food scene is one of the most famous in the United States (and the world!). Take a food history tour and you'll visit some of the restaurants where the most famous New Orleans foods were born: gumbo, etouffee, poboys, turtle soup and more! Bring your appetite for this tour. It's deliciously entertaining.
  • Plantation Tours: New Orleans is home to some of the oldest and most beautiful plantations in the South. Most date back way before the Civil War. On a plantation tour, you will visit one or more of these homes and hear their fascinating histories. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes as the plantation homes and grounds are expansive.

No matter how often you use Joieful for your New Orleans tours, attractions and experiences, there will always be new opportunities for you to try. Our New category brings you the latest New Orleans activities, curated by our experts. Keep visiting Joieful's New category for the best New Orleans experiences!