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New Orleans Tours and Attractions

Traveling with the family means you'll need to find activities kids (and adults) of all ages can enjoy. New Orleans is quite the perfect destination. If you've been on tours and are ready to explore at your own pace, we recommend our New Orleans Attractions category. You have the freedom to visit some of the best animal exhibits in the country or see if your family's puzzle-solving skills can solve an Escape Game mystery. New Orleans attractions include:

  • Little ones and bigger ones will love the Audubon Zoo uptown. There are exotic animals from around the world, educational experiences, hands-on animal encounters and award-winning habitat exhibits. Be sure to see the swamp exhibit, complete with a Louisiana Black Bear (and his own personal bathtub) and the famous white tiger brothers King Rex and King Zulu. The Audubon Zoo consistently ranks as one of the country's best. Find out why!
  • If you'd rather stay downtown, the Aquarium of the Americas can't be missed. It's located just outside the French Quarter, on the Mississippi River, and features sharks, penguins, sea otters and more. You'll even be able to pet a stingray or feed a parakeet. Don't miss the Gulf of Mexico exhibit with its replica of an offshore oilrig and the marine creatures that live in the environment.
  • If your little ones (and hey, you too!) are intrigued by creepy crawlies, head over to the Audubon Insectarium. It's the biggest freestanding American museum dedicated to insects! Don't miss the Butterflies in Flight exhibit, where you mingle with thousands of butterflies from around the world, the metamorphosis exhibit and the cooking show and Cultural Cafe, where you can taste a buggy treat if you so desire.
  • If your traveling with bigger kids, we recommend testing your puzzle-solving skills at Escape My Room. Your group is placed in a locked room, where you must work together using clues and riddles to solve the mystery. Don't let time run out! The rooms change frequently, so keep checking Joieful for the latest mysteries. Do you have what it takes?

New Orleans attractions are perfect for family travel. When you need a break from touring and want to see some of the most respected animal exhibits in the country or test your logical thinking, choose Joieful for the best in New Orleans attractions. Don't forget to let us know about your experience, by reviewing each attraction.