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4333 Euphrosine StreetNew Orleans, La70125

Wine Locker and VIP Dining Experience

In your private dining sanctuary, you can truly let the good times roll

$160.00 Dinner

About This Experience

You and your guests will be secreted away from the restaurant into a private dining room in the wine cellar. Upon entering the room, you can almost hear the ghosts of dinners past making back room deals and partying in true New Orleans old school style… with reckless abandon. In your private dining sanctuary, you can truly let the good times roll. Go ahead and relax. There are no cameras here; the thick walls will hide your revelry! Enjoy this experience with 8 to 30 people

Please meet at the Rib Room, located inside the Omni Royal Orleans, 621 St Louis St, New Orleans, LA 70130

pick up location

Your prefixed menu will offer some of the best dishes at this famous New Orleans restaurant. Once you have made your selections for dinner, your private dinner host will show you to one of the exclusive wine lockers where you can choose your wine to pair with your meal. After dinner, your host will escort you through the restaurant (take time to enjoy the envious looks from other diners) and then through the kitchen (getting a first-hand look at a world class kitchen) where you will be shown a secret entrance to the bar next door. Order your after dinner drinks to end, or kick off, your night.