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4333 Euphrosine StreetNew Orleans, La70125

NOLA Motorsports Karting

Experience the thrill of racing just inches off the ground at the largest karting track in the US

$50.00 Voucher for 3 races

About This Experience

Experience the thrill of racing just inches off the ground at the largest karting track in the US. We offer karting options for everyone from our daily rentals and rental leagues to race series for those that own a racing kart or purchase one from our in-house kart shop. Our 40 acre karting facility includes 30 acres of track area with 7 acres lighted. Three circuits provide 80 configurations


Please meet at NOLA Motorsports Park, located at 11075 Nicolle Blvd, Avondale, LA 70094

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Everyone was courteous and very helpful. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a gokart adventure. I was in a bachelor party of 10 and they were so nice to us all. I know how difficult that can be. If you want to have fun, come here. It's fantastic!

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Sooo much fun! At first was TERRIFIED and did not feel safe but once I realized there really wasn't much that could happen to me and relaxed a bit, it was a blast!

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If I go broke y'all, it'll be because of this place. I am becoming a bit of an adrenaline junkie, first jumping out of planes, but this...oh this. Just do yourself a favor and go, even if for just one race and see how you feel about it. I like that each person has their profile that is tracked and your best times are recorded and ranked amongst other people who have registered. It's a bit of a trick learning the track but once you get the hang of it, it's off you go! Oh and also be sure to not wear anything that you wouldn't want getting muddy. I made the mistake of doing so and ate an entire mud puddle on a fast turn. I was a little heated at first, but then i couldn't do anything but laugh, the fun of it far outweighed some dirty clothes and shoes. Enjoy!

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Ok I had a bad ass go kart in the 1970's that looked like a Formula 1 race car and it hauled some serious ass. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed when I saw the very un-race car appearance of the karts at this place. My kart also had big ass race car looking wheels that could spin out and do all sorts of cool moves. The wheels on the karts here looked tiny and weak. Now the fiberglass body on my old go kart didn't hold up so well to my more "aggressive" style of driving. This is the aspect where I learned the special magic of these go karts as the crazy twisting and turning track here makes this more like a SuperMario Kart race with people smashing and crashing into you so these carts are made to take massive amounts of damage while staying upright and not getting you killed. The proportions of the karts here make them very uncomfortable and rough to drive for adults and the ten minute races will really wear you out. I felt extremely beat up from my first race and I was also really unhappy with my helmet visor that kept fogging up so that I couldn't see but they don't let you leave it up for "safety" reasons. Bonus: You get to keep the ninja mask they give you to wear under your helmet.