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Gray Line Hurricane Katrina Tour

An eyewitness account of the events surrounding the most devastating natural - and man-made - disaster on American soil

$55.00 3.5 Hours

About This Experience

Learn the history of the original city, the French Quarter, and why it was built at this particular location along the Mississippi River. Drive past an actual levee that “breached” and see the resulting devastation that displaced hundreds of thousands of U.S. residents. Learn the direct connection between America’s disappearing coastal wetlands, oil & gas pipelines, levee protection, and hurricane destruction. You'll also stop at the New Basin Canal Lighthouse on the shores of Lake Pontchartrain


Please meet at the Gray Line Lighthouse Ticket Office, located at Toulouse St. and the Mississippi River, for pick up 30 minutes before tour time. No hotel pick up is offered. Refunds are not applicable to tours cancelled within 24 hours of the tour time

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Gray Line contributes $1 per passenger on this tour to, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization involved in the long-term recovery of New Orleans’ historic Lower Ninth Ward. After this tour, you’ll have a better understanding of events pre- and post-Katrina and the “Rebirth of New Orleans!

5 (8) Overall Experience
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A very good tour of New Orleans featuring the levee breaches during Katrina, the Lower Ninth Ward which was totally flooded, Lake Pontchartrain and the worlds longest bridge over water, the pumping stations and the New Canal Lighthouse. We also stopped at the St. Louis Cemetery and the gorgeous City Park. The tour is 3.5 hours and is a good quick introduction to New Orleans. Really enjoyed it.

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We had the pleasure of going on the hurricane Katrina tour with Etienne as our guide. This was a very well done city tour, and Etienne was very passionate about the devastation it caused the city. He was very informative, gave not only facts of the storm, but historical insight about the city, and what lead up to the disaster. It was very emotional to see the devastation that still shows all over the city, but good to hear that there are positives that came from the losses. I definitely recommend this tour. We were given the opportunity to not only see the areas that the storm hit, but also shown many land marks and areas of the city to visit. There is a stop in the park at the mid point on the tour were you can purchase snacks, use the washroom, and stretch your legs.

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We took the "Hurricane Katrina" bus tour. This tour was 3 hours. It was a small group. There was a shuttle bus to pick us up at the hotel. This was one of the most captivating, emotional and myth busting bus tour ever. This tour was narrated by Etienne-Emile Skrabo, Manager, Tour Development. Etienne held our attention for the full 3 hours. Etienne was one of the last to leave the hurricane, so this was personal for him. If you are in New Orleans, I highly recommend this tour.

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Ten years after Katrina, and there is recovery but still also devastation. This tour shows you both. Our guide, George, was outstanding. He was an evacuee, and his story was so insightful. This tour was so good because you saw so much more of the city than the devastation of the 9th ward. The tour is a story of the Hurricane with visuals of the levees, canals, and the lake. It is heartwarming to see the re-built schools. You get to drive through City Park with a stop for beignets at Morning Call. It was wonderful!!!

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This three hour tour was a major highlight for us. The New Orleans official site barely mentions Katrina but this tour not only tells you about the disaster and the still on-going consequences, but gives you an very good overall idea of this great city. Mary, our lovely and extremely knowledgable guide provided us with an excellent overview. As far as we can tell this was the only tour giving info on Katrina, now almost 10 years since it happened.

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Mary was the guide on the Katrina Tour and did an excellent job telling the story of the devastation from Katrina 10 years ago. We were not disappointed. It was very nice to take a break after about 2 hours for a walk about and bathroom.

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Our tour guide, John Olivard, is a native to New Orleans, lived through Katrina, and helped with the rescue and rebuilding efforts. He is extremely knowledgeable about New Orleans and can answer any questions. This tour is specifically geared to learning about Katrina and observing the levees, canals, wetlands, and damage related to the storm.

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At the last minute we decided to take this tour. John was wonderful and was very full of information. Well worth the investment and continues to remind us that while the storm may be over, some areas are not back to normal.