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4333 Euphrosine StreetNew Orleans, La70125

Escape My Room Experience

ESCAPE MY ROOM is an interactive game and museum in New Orleans

$28.00 1 hour

About This Experience

ESCAPE MY ROOM is an interactive game and museum in New Orleans, Louisiana. You and up to 6 guests are confined to a room for one hour. Your group's goal is to work together to solve puzzles centering around New Orleans' infamous family, the DeLaportes

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5 (5) Overall Experience
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Our Escape My Room experience was exciting and engaging. It was tricky, and we missed some of the clues by not being methodical enough. However, it was a great time, full of laughter. We would highly recommend the experience!

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We had a really great time at Escape My Room. It is well worth the visit, and unlike any other attraction I have ever been to.

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A great time was had by all!!! Can't wait for new rooms to be opened!!! It was a wonderful experience!!!

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We had a really good time but we were not able to escape the room. The clues were interesting and we really had to think about the clues. I do recommend to everyone.

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There were only 3 of us which made it harder to find clues but the rooms were small so I'm glad there weren't more of us. The lighting is low for ambiance which makes it harder to read some things. After we ran out of time it turned out that one piece of a map we needed wasn't actually in the room.