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Brass Pass

Enjoy Jazz and Heritage Festival, the VIP way

$675.00 Jazz and Heritage Festival 2019

About This Experience

A WWOZ Brass Pass is your ticket to 7 days of Jazz Fest and comes with the great benefits. Brass Passes allow you same-day re-entry to Jazz Fest, unlike regular tickets. Brass Passes are fully transferable. A different person can use the pass each day of the Fest. Brass Passes grant you access to tables and chairs, shade, fruit, iced coffee, misters, separate bathrooms, WiFi, and chargers in the WWOZ Hospitality Tent

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival takes place at the Fair Grounds Race Course, located at 1751 Gentilly Boulevard, 10 minutes from the French Quarter. Hours are 11am to 7pm

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Please note that 2019 Brass Passes will be valid for these seven days of Jazz Fest: Thursday April 25, Friday April 26, Saturday April 27, Sunday April 28, Friday May 3, Saturday May 4, and Sunday May 5. Email our VIP team at or call our agents at 504-207-4555 if you have any additional questions or need assistance in booking. All packages are non-refundable. We will work with you to accommodate a family or friend’s use of the package in the event you cannot attend but require this coordination be completed at least two weeks prior to the first day of your package

For entry, the Brass Pass comes with an attached bar-coded laminate. Please be sure to keep them together for smooth entry to the Festival and Hospitality tent. The Brass Pass itself is not valid for admission, and entry will be denied if the accompanying bar-coded laminate is not present. Before you exit, please make sure to visit security personnel at the public gate to receive your re-entry wristband. You will not be re-admitted into the Festival without a wristband and your Brass Pass and bar-coded laminate. The Brass Pass special lines are located at the Sauvage and Gentilly gates. You can enter through these special lines if you wish, but it is not mandatory. Enter and exit through any of the public pedestrian gates, which include the Gentilly, Sauvage, Trafalgar and Shuttle Bus entrances. Brass Passes are transferable from day to day but not within the same day. Whoever uses the Brass Pass to enter the Festival that day is granted full benefits on that day, and may not leave and transfer the pass to someone else on that same day. Children under 10 may accompany their Brass Passer parents to the WWOZ Hospitality Tent. Only Brass Pass holders will be admitted to the Hospitality Tent. The WWOZ Hospitality Tent is wheelchair-accessible.