Originally published by Biz New Orleans on May 6, 2016.

NEW ORLEANS – Joieful, an online booking software and hospitality management provider, along with its Virtual Reality production partner R&D Design, added The 33rd Annual French Quarter Festival presented by Chevron to the list of experiences that will be available in what is positioned to become the largest library of Virtual Reality and 360 degree video of any City; Project NOLA VR.

 View the video here.

Aaron Dirks, Founder and CEO of Joieful said, “Joieful is excited to continue to push forward with leading immersive technologies to make it more meaningful and easier to create, experience and share life. We are excited to leverage our VR technology for the benefit of our home town!”

“Large, established festivals and events can guarantee to increase attendance rates in coming years by leveraging this burgeoning technology,” said David Holtman, Managing Director at R&D Design.

Joieful is a comprehensive experiences platform and ancillary services provider headquartered in New Orleans. In addition to its immersive technologies for customers to re-define how they consume and share experiences, it also serves as a conduit for large buyers and influencers of experiences for concierge desk operation, transportation desk staffing, destination management, airport ground transportation technology, and selling support for hotel sales and events teams.

R&D Design is a full service marketing agency that specializes in high quality aerial drone videography as well as Virtual Reality content production. R&D Design works with businesses and organizations interested in innovative marketing through enhanced customer engagement.