Lake Pontchartrain isn’t just for fishing and driving over. There is so much history that has taken place in its waters. Sure, memories of The Zephyr and Pontchartrain Beach might flood in your mind, but for modern-day New Orleanians, traveling back in time is a near possibility thanks to the National WWII Museum and its restoration of PT-305.

Image of New Orleans boat PT-305

Local photographer David Nola (@davidnola) and fellow photographer and blogger Ali Coates (@nowneworleans) recently experienced a tour aboard the formerly commissioned war boat. They enjoyed what it was like to ride the New Orleans-made patrol boat and heard stories from those that lived them. In fact, they were lucky enough to share the tour with a WWII veteran, Al, who had served aboard the PT-305. To make things even better, Al was celebrating his 93rd birthday!

Image of a Veteran holding a picture of the PT-305

A Little History of the PT-305

The PT-305, originally built in New Orleans, served in the war as a patrol torpedo boat from 1944 until the end of the war. It was extremely useful in its ability to quickly maneuver to and away from hostile targets, taking down frigates, submarines, and other vessels. Then, after years of working with oystermen and having a stint in New York, the boat fell into disrepair. Thankfully, due to a successful Kickstarter campaign, the WWII Museum was able to conduct a full restoration, bringing the proud beauty into its true form, providing an educational service for all.

Take a Tour of Lake Pontchartrain on a Piece of History

Image of photographer David Nola and blogger Ali Coates

Now, the PT-305 can carry history-hungry passengers on an unforgettable journey. Our team of volunteers is ready and willing to bring what was once relegated to memory back to the forefront. You’ll learn all about the service of the men who called the famous PT boat home. Here at Joieful, we’re happy to make this experience a reality for small and large groups, both private and public. Download our app to find this experience and others like it and make your stay in the Crescent City a joieful one.