Planning a corporate event can be an overwhelming task, but the city of New Orleans offers a huge range of experiences that will make any retreat worth remembering. Here’s a guide to planning a corporate retreat in the Big Easy.

Balance Fun and Work

A corporate retreat is a great time to focus mindsets and advance the future of the company, but it can’t be all work. It’s important to find a balance of both work and fun private group experiences in the process of planning. Instead of planning entire days of focus and work followed by entire days of fun, it’s a better idea to pepper relaxation and work in with each other. Luckily, New Orleans provides a unique and colorful backdrop wherein much of the culture and attractions are within a compacted area, making traveling between meeting spaces and fun events a breeze.

Start Off With A Tour

When anyone gets into a new city, their first instinct is likely to be to see as much of the area as possible to see what things to do the city offers. That’s why it’s a good idea to start a retreat with a tour of the city in order to keep spirits high. Luckily, New Orleans offers numerous tours, many of which are easy to adjust for big groups. Consider a private vehicle city tour for an expansive look at the city, a private walking tour tour to get the blood flowing, or even a private cocktail tour for full out relaxation.

Platter of raw oysters at restaurant in New Orleans, LA

Get A Taste of the City

Even though it’s ideal that there would be equal parts of fun and work in a corporate retreat, the truth is, there will be some days when it’s important to buckle down and focus on work. A great way to ameliorate the stress of long days is by incorporating long lunches with delicious tastes of the city. In the case of New Orleans, this is far from difficult, as there are unique tastes of the Cajun and Creole influences of the city around every corner. Whether at Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse or Palace Cafe, sandwiching long lunch experiences between stretches of hard work can make the difficult times seem to go by in a flash. Just make sure not to eat so much delicious food that employees end up in a food coma!

Go Out With A Bang

There’s nothing worse than struggling through a corporate event only for it to fizzle out. It’s not uncommon for energy to be slightly lowered after a day or two as employees become anxious to get back home to their families. In order to prevent any sluggishness, plan a blowout at the end of the week that employees can continue to look forward to throughout the event. New Orleans offers many venues of various sizes and characteristics that can be an absolute showstopper. Whether it’s experiences like a River View balcony event, a Bourbon Street balcony party, or even an old fashioned second line, knowing that there’s a huge party at the end of the week will make the hard work all worth it.

When it comes to planning a corporate retreat, it’s all about finding the balance between work and play. Luckily, New Orleans offers the best of both worlds. Purchase your experience today for a retreat that employees will never forget!